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Studio di progettazione automobilistica

We make your car like new

La nostra storia

​We believe technology is changing the way we use cars. Electronic control units, which control all car functions, are becoming increasingly complex and expensive to replace.

We decide to found a company that deals with the reuse of used electronic control units. We want to offer our customers a sustainable and convenient solution to repair their cars.

Our name is CAR.NET. Our goal is to make car repairs more accessible while reducing environmental impact.

We started our business in 2019. We purchased a warehouse in Turin, where we started collecting used electronic control units. We cater to body shops, car dismantlers and private individuals.

In a short time, we manage to create a vast network of suppliers. We can thus offer our customers a wide choice of control units, for all makes and models of cars.

We guarantee our customers an original used spare part, with a one-year warranty. We also offer a dedicated telephone assistance service, and the possibility of having the virgin (uncoded) control unit or the data cloning service.

Our strength is delivery speed. We deliver throughout Italy within 48 hours, the price includes shipping costs and VAT.

We are convinced that our solution is innovative and sustainable. We are already receiving positive feedback from our customers.

We are only at the beginning of our story. We are determined to continue to grow and improve, to offer our customers the best experience possible.

The future

Our goals for the future are ambitious. We want to become the leader in the Italian market of used electronic control units. We also want to expand abroad, to offer our solution to customers around the world.

We believe our business model is sustainable and scalable. We are convinced that the future of the automotive industry will be increasingly oriented towards sustainability and efficiency.

We are ready to write the future of automotive, together with you.

To ensure total transparency we have decided not to manage customer feedback ourselves.

You can find out what they say about us from all over the world on our page and B a y

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